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MP3 & WAVE Audio Processing

Effectively remove the sound burst noise, sound of the wind, all kinds of noise. We give you the perfect sound production ever!

  • Wind noise erasing
  • Sudden sound erasing
  • Scratchy sound erasing

Equipment List

◎MacBook Pro、◎Logic Pro、◎Avalon VT-737SP、◎Komplete 8 Ultimate、◎Vienna Symphonic Library、◎Line 6 POD Pro、◎Genelec 1029A、◎Sennheiser HD280 Pro、◎DBX 266XL Compressor、◎RME UFX、◎Furman PL-8、◎AKG K-240、◎Sony 7506、◎Korg T2、◎Rode NT2-A、◎Tom Anderson Drop Top、◎Taylor 614CE、◎Gibson Les Paul Standard、◎PreSonus HP4、◎Shure Beta 58、◎i-Mac、◎Line 6 Pod XT

  • Professional recording equipment
  • Audio Mixing, edit film, music recording
  • Soundproofing recording studio