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Introduce the products, copyright soundtrack, narration dubbing, game music soundtrack, enterprise song singing, commercial voice, advertisement for TV and radio, election video, microfilm, game dubbing, teaching products, audio book.

We have high stringent control with stander commercial recording production by years of experience.


Voice Actor DEMO

  • 01.Voice Actor DEMO-1


  • 02.Voice Actor DEMO-2


  • 03.Voice Actor DEMO-3


  • 04.Voice Actor DEMO-4


  • 05.Voice Actor DEMO-5


  • 06.Voice Actor DEMO-6


  • 07.Voice Actor DEMO-7


  • 08.Voice Actor DEMO-8


  • 09.Voice Actor DEMO-9


  • 10.Voice Actor DEMO-10


  • 11.Voice Actor DEMO-11


  • 12.Voice Actor DEMO-12


  • 13.Voice Actor DEMO-13


  • 14.Voice Actor DEMO-14


  • 15.Voice Actor DEMO-15


  • 16.Voice Actor DEMO-16


  • 17.Voice Actor DEMO-17


  • 18.Voice Actor DEMO-18