The most professional public relations team

The spirit of Idea is best service, we intention to each PR activities and gives the best overall image.

To enrich the best quality and efficiency, we have the complete strategy, effective budget control, standardized processes and risk management.

Idea Marketing & Events

Commercial Activities

Annual dinner, exhibition design and construction, annual dinner of the enterprise, product presentation, drum-up support activities , conference, opening, corporate family day, fair, annual sales, private party etc.


Training of new arties, development, shooting, host the lively entertainment, singers and bands, magic show, clown balloon, dancers, show girls, promotion girls, LED light shows etc.

Hardware Equipments

All the hardware equipments needs for the stage: Stage lighting & audio, tents, tables and chairs, banner, projection, design for the figure output, the backplane for the stage photography, props, gifts, generators, supplies for cut the ribbon, special effects for the starting of the activities.

Before & After The Production

Activities song production, image shoot, staff training rehearsal, the song re-editing, activities to commemorate photographic recording, commercial copyright music, product soundtrack, multimedia copyright music and sound recording production. (games, audio books, animations)